Adopt a Cat

Meet our Human Society Foster Cats

Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital is an adoption site for foster cats for the Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County. Stop by our hospital during business hours to meet our foster cats. To complete an adoption after meeting your match, bring your adoption application to The Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County and pay your adoption fee and obtain your new cat’s paperwork, then return to us at Met Vet.

Each adoption includes: Veterinary wellness examination, spay or neuter surgery, microchip with national registration, initial vaccines, pet care counseling, initial flea treatment, Feline Leukemia testing, cardboard cat carrier, collar and toy.

Download your adoption application.

One of the advantages to adopting an adult cat that has been in foster care is that you get to learn all about their personality and behaviors BEFORE you take them home!

  • Alice & Dexter

    HS Adoption ID: #A538246 / A538190

    HS Adoption Fee: $75.00

    Alice & Dexter are inseparable, sweet, and always partnering together as a tag team. Alice is the bright-eyed black cat and Dexter is the green-eyed tiger one. Both have distinct personalities. Alice is super cuddly, works you over in a loving way, and is playful while Dexter takes on a more mature attitude. Dexter is very personable as well and likes to observe and sit back while he lets Alice takes the lead. They are a year apart, Alice being 6 years young and Dexter at 5 years young. These two are peas in a pod and love each other very much as you will see. Hurry in to sweep these two into your home and heart.

    Alice’s ID: A538246  / Dexter’s ID: A538190

  • Candy

    HS Adoption ID: #A536746

    HS Adoption Fee: $75.00

    Candy has a huge, huge heart and is at the moment a shy gal. We know she loves being pet, she likes having a cat tree to stretch her legs and scratch her chin with, and she loves a view. Candy opens up quite a bit with catnip and enjoys being around people – on her terms. She just needs a little extra time to slink out of her cozy hut and be reassured it’ll be there for her to go back to if need be. Candy will make a great companion. She is 5 years young and is in search of a quieter home environment where she can be doted on.

  • Hinano

    HS Adoption ID: #A537814

    HS Adoption Fee: $75.00

    Meet Hinano! She is a sweetie and ready for adoption.

    This young lady is relaxed, a cuddle bug and is bound to bring you smiles. Her gorgeous Caribbean blue eyes have a lovely, peaceful quality to them.

    Hinano will be an awesome buddy for movie nights, reading a book with and curling up with a blanket. She is a touch reserved at the moment, however, we know when she settles into her new home, she’ll be great!

    Hinano digs catnip and loves to be spoiled with pets and brushes. She is eight years young and can’t wait to meet her forever people <3 Come on in to meet this cutie pie!

  • Whiskers **ADOPTED**

    HS Adoption ID: #A536363

    HS Adoption Fee: $30.00

    Meet Whiskers! He recently arrived from the Humane Society and is super ready to be adopted.

    He is a terrific fella and is chill, chatty, and likes to plump himself down where ever he finds a comfy spot. Sadly his person left this world and Whiskers would love to be comforted during this time as he is a touch nervous and feeling a little alone without someone to be close to.

    His ideal companions would be being with a grown up or some older folks to head butt with, be pet and brushed and given space when he needs it. A quieter home would be his preference without kiddos and other animals. Whiskers expects to be king of the house!

    Hurry in to meet him as he is a regal, charming bud.

  • Kodiak **ADOPTED**

    HS Adoption ID: #A536005

    HS Adoption Fee: $75.00

    Meet Kodiak! He is hilarious and has spunk. This fella will be happy to hang out and play and eat with you. Energetic, easy going, and pleasant at the same time he is sure to make a great companion.

    Kodiak is seven years young and would be happy to be among a family with older children. He is a lighthearted spirit and curious. He likes a view and a place he can claim as his safe sanctuary, his hut. Unfortunately, we do not know his experiences with other cats and dogs.

    Hurry in to meet this cool cat!

  • Nebula **ADOPTED**

    HS Adoption ID: #A535657

    HS Adoption Fee: $75.00

    Meet Nebula! She is as sweet as can be and is a touch shy however she loves being pet and in the company of others. This young gal, at 4 years, does not mind using her loving gaze to win your heart.

    She is low key and wants to be queen bee so she can have you all to her own. Adorned with two adorable black polka dots on her back and the pinkest of pink noses, she is just uber adorable.

    Being groomed and spoiled with brushes is another delight for Nebula. She’ll let you keep on keeping on.

    Hurry in to meet this love bug!