Say hello to Junior! This gentleman is softer than cashmere and will make a great companion.

A friendly demeanor, gentle nose nudges, and pony ups are what you can expect from him. Junior likes to play and he’s super aware of his surroundings in a good way. He listens intently and would be a great fit for someone who needs a companion animal to alert them of sounds they can’t hear. For example, someone at the door, the printer going, the phone ringing. He’s on it. A personal assistant is exactly what he’s suited for.

Junior really loves to be around people and will also make a great home office buddy. He won’t sit on your keyboard, but rather next to it or nearby so he doesn’t interrupt your productivity. He gets that you have work to do.

At eight years young, he’s got maturity and respect for his surroundings. With his curious, attentive personality, he does like to be in the know. So he will be investigating his environment, sniffing here and there. We know a tall perch would be a fave place to be especially for the bird’s eye view, scratching and stretching his body.

Junior is smart, humorous and affectionate. He even knows the command “sit”. He is an indoor fella who would like to be paired with someone who is a homebody with a chill out vibe and space to play. Junior absolutely wants to be your one and only cat.

Hurry in to meet this cuddle bug!