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Drop Off Form

To help protect MetVet clients and employees from exposure to the COVID-19 virus, we are providing ONLY curb side and drop off appointments for all pets at this time. This process takes additional time and we ask your patience and understanding as we strive to continue to provide the best care possible while keeping our community safe. Please stay in your car, wear your mask and call reception at 253-274-0225 when you arrive in the parking lot. Even if you did not drive, you must remain outside. A team member will contact you to clarify your concerns/reason for the visit and collect your pet from your vehicle. If your pet has anxiety or fear, please inform us so we may take appropriate action to limit stress and remain safe in this situation.

The doctor will examine your pet and contact you by phone and relay all findings, a plan, and an estimate of costs. Please stay in the lot until you have agreed to a diagnostic/treatment plan with the doctor unless otherwise directed by a member of our team. We require that you fill out this form prior 48 hours PRIOR to your appointment in order to better facilitate the examination of your pet in your absence. This saves considerable time and allows more patients to receive needed treatment. We appreciate your continued support in this challenging time.

    I am the owner/agent for the described animal and authorize and request an exam for this pet. I understand that sedation and/or pain medication will be provided if deemed reasonable. I understand the doctor will contact me after she has examined my pet to discuss recommended diagnostics and treatment, and will have an initial estimate of charges.
    Initial diagnostics may include blood work and/or radiographs and blood pressure. If indicated, presumptive and palliative treatment could include fluid support, pain management, warming, symptom control, and other supportive medications.
    I understand, and accept that when anesthesia is involved, there are always inherent risks, including death. By signing I understand payment is due when my pet is discharged, however, a deposit may be required after an estimate is prepared and discussed. I accept financial responsibility for all charges incurred for this pet.