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  • Lemme be clear first. It took me a while to come around on Metropolitan…but here’s where I’ve landed. A five star review! This place is wonderful and the care is wonderful. Without boring people of my story, I moved to Tacoma 3 1/2 years ago under fairly bad circumstances and it’s hard not to be jaded towards the city in such circumstances. But pets are with you through everything so their health as they get older is so important. Being from the south, culturally speaking, Seattle/Tacoma can feel incredibly foreign to me. It took me a while to figure out how locals communicate. It’s not less genuine but different. I also had an amazing connection with my vet back home and sometimes it’s really hard to let go of that and not compare everything else to the previous. In the case of, Dr. Neeson, I’ve learned her way of being is incredibly genuine AND insightful. At first I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t understand what she was telling me. However I was officially won over when I expressed my concerns and emotions about my cat. She met me halfway and helped me understand exactly what’s going on. Some of her follow up calls with me have been 25-30 minutes. How does she have time for anything else?! It’s really amazing. Then came the dental surgery. I was so nervous with the anesthesia but phone calls and constant reassurance we made it through. These instances built a relationship and now I couldn’t be happier making investments into my cat’s with her guidance. It wasn’t always rosey but I’ve come to love Met Vet. Thank you all for being so good. Tacoma, please take your pets here!
    Drew Greene
  • Three months ago my sweet Freckles had to be put down after a valiant fight against FIP. About 10 days before she passed, I brought her into Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital (MetVet) to have her seen
    Joshua V.
  • 4.7 Google Rating