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  • The kindness and care that these lovely people have extended to my companions has me coming back
    Jaycee Crosby
  • I became a client at Met Vet approximately six months ago, after realizing I needed to switch away from a previous veterinarian who was negligent and honestly down right terrible. At the time I owned a 12 year old large breed dog, a 14 year old cat, and a 6 year old cat. My dog in particular had a number of complicated health issues related to her advancing age and my 14 year old cat was in need of an "old man" shave on his hind legs because he has slowly become a less effective groomer with age. Met Vet got us in for appointments for all three pets in a very quick amount of time for a new client during a world wide pandemic. Their care of my pets has been exemplary. Not only did they care for both of my cats with expert skill, one of whom is quite shy and my previous vet refused to handle her alone, they also started my dog on a new medication regimen that significantly improved her quality of life (my previous vet simply said "Let us know when you're ready to put her down" whenever I had questions about if we could do more to make her life better). This weekend my dog's health declined abruptly. Met Vet got us in for an appointment the very next morning at 9am, despite the fact that I was calling very late at night (right before they closed). They made every effort to assist us in supporting our aging dog, offering us a new medication option to see if that would help her improve. When it didn't, they supported us in finding home euthanasia care on a Saturday afternoon. On Monday morning I received a call, unprompted, from the veterinarian who cared for my dog on Friday. She simply wanted to offer her condolences and check in with us to see if we were alright. Met Vet has astounded me with their care, compassion, and the way they go above and beyond for all of their patients and their owners. Thank you so much for making my dog's last months happy and as pain free as possible.
    Britannia Douglas
  • 4.7 Google Rating